Who is Barefoot Jake?

  "Barefoot Jake" Morrison is an Olympic National Park enthusiast adventure blogger, who focuses on wilderness photography. He enjoys walking the Olympic Peninsula year around, through snow, rain, ice and mud. A personal believer in lifestyle minimalism.  Lover of all this wild, pure and untouched by man. Come along on one of his journeys by clicking on category below.

Barefoot Jake
Hiking in the Olympic National Park

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Transparency and Branding (Barefoot Jake)

Barefoot Jake longer accepts or features any discounted or free outdoor product on this website (which has happen in the past). All items used in the future will be paid for by my own money. However, I will include affiliate links in the form of ads to help finance this site and future adventures. Be sure to read Privacy Statement for further information.

Content Terms of Use

All original wilderness photography and video stock footage available without watermarks. You may not download or use any of the content from this blog without written permission - in any form (including social media content). Contact me for questions.

Updated in November 2016