Bear Canisters (Mostly Required) in Olympic National Park

I often get asked if a bear container is needed for backcountry overnight camping. The answer is yes in most cases. Most of the popular areas require you to store food in a bear canister at all times the food is left unattended (i.e. when you're sleeping or leave food behind at camp). The Olympic National Park Rangers can be pretty strict about this. Even asking you to go home in extreme cases!

What the Heck is a Bear Canister? A Bear Container is a hard cylinder {affiliate link} shaped object to keep critters out. The canister usually has a lid on one end, that opens by turning locking screws or turning it like a peanut butter jar. Generally they have been tested and certified by actual bears, before being allowed into the National Park system. Mostly, they are really good at keeping mice out of your food!

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