(Exploded) Quinault Big Cedar Tree

The smell of fresh cedar is in the air, as you make your way up the (now closed) Big Cedar Trail. The iconic tree near Lake Quinault, Washington is now in pieces on the rain forest valley floor. Tourist and locals alike have come to this location for several generations to gaze upon its pure size. Now the area is riddled with chunks and slabs of this old dinosaur.

About Quinault's Big Cedar Tree

This old big cedar was formally known as the world's largest. It was 19.5 feet a round and 174 feet tall. The trail that accessed it, got hundreds of annual visitors a year and is now has now been closed by the Olympic National Park Service. Tourist and local alike are sad to see it go.

big cedar
Quinault's Exploded Big Cedar Tree in Olympic National Park

Monsters (Pokemon) in the Rain Forest

Hikers beware on your next walk in the Quinault Rain Forest. There are Pokemon (pocket monsters) lurking around every old growth tree. Please be advised to enter the forest at your own risk! The Olympic Mountains are swarming with these mystical creatures. Ok, ok, but seriously!

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a phone app (game), that uses your smartphones GPS to capture, battle and collect little cartoon like creatures. This gameplay is made possible by combining a virtual mapping system (using GPS) and your phone's camera, and boy it's a real battery drainer. Be sure to pack an external battery pack for charging.{affiliate link}

This game has a secondary purpose to encourage players to walk to play. Tho ment for city play, you can find Pokemon on select trails; if you are in a location with cell service.

Pokemon in the Quinault Rain Forest

Submit Comment on Olympic Peninsula Trails

Maintaining the trails regularly in the Olympic National Park and Forest is very important. Without this maintenance a hike simply would not be possible with minimal effort. Want to learn more? Simply just leave the trail for 50 feet and you will soon learn how important these vital systems are!

A good portions of the foot paths on the peninsula are located in dense rainforest valleys. This means it does not take long for them to get overgrown by brush and littered with windfall (tree blowdowns). Hundreds of hours of manpower is necessary and is needed to keep the Olympic Mountains preserved for the next generation.

Let your voice be heard! Report the quality of your favorite trail below!

Hiker wanders through overgrown trail in Olympic National Park

(TV Show) "Alone" Survival Gear List

The survivor reality series Alone is a television show on History Channel. The episodes feature 10 individuals that attempt to outlast each other for a cash prize. Each male or female is isolated from each other and all human contact. It's rather like watching a trainwreck!

Survival Gear Used on the Show

The participants are allowed to chose from a pre-established master gear list. This list is similar to the 10 essentials used for hiking, but a lot more cumbersom for dramatic affect and foriging for food. Taking the minimalist approach would definitely be beneficial to the individual, in my opinion. Carrying a heavy backpack off-trail through the brush, is not fun, I know this to be fact.

Alone in the Olympic Mountains