Planning (Overnight Hiking) for Olympic National Park

Planning for an Overnight Wilderness Backpacking Trip Preparation is a very important step of your adventure. Doing this should not be overlooked and can mean the biggest difference for a successful trip. I see a lot of backpackers waiting until they are at a ranger station to begin planning which can lead to being sent to over-populated areas or holding up the line behind you while you struggle on deciding on which campground to be at each night. You cannot obtain a wilderness permit without knowing where you plan on camping each night. If you are the type of person that refuses to plan and doesn't want to be restricted to specific campsites each night you should backpack in the National Forest (no permit required) rather than the National Park.

Often people just wing-it (I've done this) and choose a random place on the map, then walk into that location. This can be fine in some occasions. However, you are increasing your risk of having a safe experience in the backcountr…

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