Colonel Bob Wilderness - Day Hike

Colonel Bob Trial
Marine layer in old growth forest - ascending from the Colonel Bob trailhead

Golite Chrome Dome - Mechanical Issue

Golite Chrome Dome Review
I own 2 Golite Chrome Domes.  Both have failed at the same point.  Has this happened to you?  Let me know in the comments below.

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Dungeness Adventure - Olympic Peninsula

  The southeast side of the Olympic Peninsula is a lovely area for adventure.  Most of this corner feeds into the Dungeness River drainage.  Unique landscapes and forest can be found here.

  Our original plan had us in the mountainous zone of the Olympic Mountains.  Once we got there, I felt the snow conditions were too dangerous continue forward; on the route in our itinerary.  So we decided to go with a 'plan b walk'.

  This new plan would keep us out of the spring snow and camping in the high Olympic alpine for the remainder of the 4 days in the mountains.  It really worked out for the best and kept us out of spring avalanche danger.

Come alone on this adventure through photography and video.

golite chrome dome
Spring rains on the journey into the Olympic Mountains