[Top 3] Outdoor Gear for PNW Hiking

Hiking in the Pacific Northwest can be quite challenging at times.  The weather can change rapidly here in Washington State, so a hiker must always be prepared for adverse conditions. Rain is the main thing that this area is known for.

Hiking in the Pacific Northwest

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Surviving the Quinault Rain Forest

Welcome to Quinault

The Quinault Rain Forest is located inside the Olympic Mountains in Washington State. Getting on to the Olympic Peninsula one must drive on historic Highway 101. This is all part of the journey to experience wilderness.

The area is known as the “Valley of the Rain Forest Giants”, because of all the record setting trees that are located in the vicinity. Looking up at these massive trees, makes a hiker seem very small!

There are two river valleys (East and North forks) that come together and form a main river. This upper section of river flows into a natural glacier carved lake (Lake Quinault), before continuing to the Pacific Ocean. Can’t think of one particularly inch the area, that is not completely beautiful.

Anderson Glacier
Mount Anderson is one of the Quinault river's headwaters

The forest in the Quinault averages an astonishing 12 feet of rain annually. Going out in the wet season, would test our mind, body and spirits.

Join 4 hikers as they walk into wilderness. Here are some thoughts and feelings put into words, from our hike up the Quinault river.

Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite Rain Gear (Review)

I have been using Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite Rain Gear now for several hiking seasons.  Choosing over other costly competitors for its weight and water repellency, and of course the price point. I can easily roughly fold it up and quickly shove it in my backpack.  Then pull it out in a timely manner when it starts to rain.

Disclaimer: Barefoot Jake purchased this rain protection with his own money, to replace old lightweight rain gear. He was under no obligation to write this article. Contains ads in the form of affiliate links.

Rain Jacket
Frogg Toggs Rain Gear in Olympic National Park

iPhone Cases of Olympic National Park

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iPhone Case
Olympic National Park iPhone Cases