Rainy Hiking Gear Solutions (Olympic Peninsula)

Hiking in the Olympic Mountains when the weather is bad can be very rewarding. Chances are that popular destinations will not be as crowded in the rainy season. All the waterfalls, creeks and rivers come to true life. Your chances of wildlife viewing also dramatically increase in the off season months. If the hiker is prepared for stormy weather conditions, a walk in the rain forest is very enjoyable.

Hiking Gear for the Pouring Rain The weather in the Olympic Mountains is very dynamic. You should always bring the right hiking gear. It can be sunny in the morning, rainbows in the afternoon and then snowing in the evening. A hiker should always be prepared for bad weather, no matter what the forecast predicts or season. Here are some tips that I learned from hundreds of overnight camping trips on the Olympic Peninsula.

Wear Wool and Fleece Layers Outdoor gear made of synthetic materials handle heavy rain the best. I often bring two fleeces in bad weather, and wear them on top of two…

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