Truth About Minimalist Footwear

Most Common Questions about Minimalist Footwear

- Which shoe should I buy to transition my feet?

- Do your feet stay dry in those things and are they waterproof?

- Don't your feet get cold on the snow?

- Do I need to spend $100 to train my feet?

- How much should my footwear weigh?

- What about Zero Drop?

barefoot running
12k Road Run Training

(Review) Bedrock Cairn Sandals

The Bedrock Cairn Sandals are minimalist footwear designed for the active lifestyle. These sandals feature military grade webbing (straps) and an exclusive Vibram sole. I found the Cairn's great for hiking in the Olympic Mountains. They really did a awesome job at protecting my feet from sharp rocks and cradling them while on steep terrain.

Disclaimer: Bedrock provided these sandals for no charge, in exchange for an honest review.

Bedrock Cairn
Bedrock Cairn Sandals

Fishing Pole, Umbrella, Ice Axe and a Bug Net

Finished up another 7 day backpacking trip into the heart of the Olympic National Park. The weather forecast called for sunny skies, which was necessary to do the off trail route we were attempting. What we did not take into account is the amount energy that the sun would suck out of us. Not only would we be hiking in steep un-documented terrain, but the sun and bugs would be our biggest enemy. Never again will I plan a strenuous hiking trip during a heat wave!

Enjoy a few photos from the trip.


(Exploded) Quinault Big Cedar Tree

The smell of fresh cedar is in the air, as you make your way up the (now closed) Big Cedar Trail. The iconic tree near Lake Quinault, Washington is now in pieces on the rain forest valley floor. Tourist and locals alike have come to this location for several generations to gaze upon its pure size. Now the area is riddled with chunks and slabs of this old dinosaur.

About Quinault's Big Cedar Tree

This old big cedar was formally known as the world's largest. It was 19.5 feet a round and 174 feet tall. The trail that accessed it, got hundreds of annual visitors a year and is now has now been closed by the Olympic National Park Service. Tourist and local alike are sad to see it go.

big cedar
Quinault's Exploded Big Cedar Tree in Olympic National Park