Hiking Rules for the Internet (Social Media)

Leave No Trace Principles are seven rules used to educate hikers on their impact on nature. Less is definitely more.

In 2016 the National Park system is breaking records for visitation. This is a good thing to encourage others to get outdoors. Unfortunately, people at these numbers are taking a toll on the landscape. It's come to the point where I will not even visit most places featured by an article in the spring and summer months.

To lessen the strain on our Olympic Mountains, it's very important that we do not give out too much information about these fragile environments. Would you send out a letter to 20,000 people letting them know an exact location to camp at your favorite lake? I think not! but, that is what you are doing when you put out such details online. To make things worse, some of the time, it's for a private monetary purpose.


LNT Rules for the Internet (Social Media and Websites)

  • Never publish GPS data (including maps)

  • Don't publicly share names of accessible locations

  • Stop talking about the same location repeatedly

  • Maintain a safe distance from wild animals

  • Refer a new hiker to a guide book

Following these rules will severely make a difference on the high impacted areas. Some of which, will take decades to recover from. Let us make a difference now, before your favorite hike or campsite is a reservation or quota system.

Article by Barefoot Jake

Happy Centennial NPS (Olympic)

Happy birthday National Park Service. August 25th 2016 marks the centennial celebration for the NPS. Without this system or something like it. The Olympic Mountains would not have been preserved for future generations to enjoy, like it is today. That is something to be thankful for. You can read more about the celebration here.

Olympic National Park
Hiking in Olympic National Park

Truth About Minimalist Footwear

Most Common Questions about Minimalist Footwear

- Which shoe should I buy to transition my feet?

- Do your feet stay dry in those things and are they waterproof?

- Don't your feet get cold on the snow?

- Do I need to spend $100 to train my feet?

- How much should my footwear weigh?

- What about Zero Drop?

barefoot running
12k Road Run Training

(Review) Bedrock Cairn Sandals

The Bedrock Cairn Sandals are minimalist footwear designed for the active lifestyle. These sandals feature military grade webbing (straps) and an exclusive Vibram sole. I found the Cairn's great for hiking in the Olympic Mountains. They really did a awesome job at protecting my feet from sharp rocks and cradling them while on steep terrain.

Disclaimer: Bedrock provided these sandals for no charge, in exchange for an honest review.

Bedrock Cairn
Bedrock Cairn Sandals