Review - Gossamer Gear Type 2

The Gossamer Gear Type 2 is a multi-use backpack.  It is constructed from the new Robic fabric and features air mesh shoulder straps.  Designed for the weekend warrior or may even be used as a lifestyle pack.

I have personally tested this day pack in the Olympic Mountains - in the form of hiking, cycling, backcountry fishing, urban hiking and even as a photography bag.  It performed well on all aspects.  I was impressed on how comfortable the shoulder stapes are.  The two external water bottle pockets also fit my function needs.

This pack can also be used everyday as a lifestyle kit.  My laptop and tablet fit nice-n-cozy inside the hydration sleeve.  The main compartment has enough volume and space for extra layers; much needed while living in the Pacific Northwest!

Gossamer Gear Type 2 Review

Moved Chalet

  The Enchanted Valley Chalet was at risk of falling into the East Fork Quinault River in 2014.  A move was necessary to save the historic building from a migrating river channel.  The unpredictable flow of water compromising the foundation of this structure.

  So in the summer of 2014, the powers that be moved the building to a temporary home and prolonged the life of the chalet.

Conditions of the trip:  Rain, freezing fog and lots of wet.

Move chalet

Quinault Lake Shore Trail

The Lake Shore Trail is part of the local Quinault National Recreational Trail System inside the Olympic National Forest.  This hiking path is used by hikers and tourist that visit from all over the world.  It's primary use is foot traffic between the Willaby Campground and Lake Quinault Lodge; by visitors looking to avoid road walking.

This one mile trail is a lovely way to see the lake and get a glimpse into the Olympic Mountains on a clear day.  Often Bald Eagles and King Fishers can also be seen with some luck.

It is my suggestion to connect your walk into the Rain Forest Nature Loop, for a perfect way to experience the area.   There old growth trees, ferns and variety of other things can be experienced.

hiking quinault
Trail starts near Falls Creek Campground

Autumn: Seven Lakes Basin Loop

Winter is on its way... I brainstormed about a last high country route I could get in before the snow started falling in the Olympic Mountains.  I saw patch of clear days in the weather report and decided to make my way up the Sol Duc.  Seven Lakes Basin in fall provides breathtaking alpine views, vibrant autumn colors, plenty of opportunities to see wildlife, and more solitude on this popular summer loop.  Plus we got to chomp on the last of the berries for the season ;)

Mt Olympus Olympic

Bedrock Sandals - Gabbro 2.0 Review

Hiking review of the Bedrock Sandals Gabbro 2.0.  Field tested around the Olympic Peninsula in muddy autumn conditions.  I've been a fan of Bedrock Sandals so I was excited to try out their new Gabbro 2.0 model.

Bedrock Sandals Gabbro Review

Backpacking Quinault: Autumn Rains

Backpacking Quinault Rainforest late autumn, during record setting rains on the Olympic Peninsula. This overnight trip into the Olympic National Park was a perfect chance to test survival skills; well as new overnight gear. I even did some backcountry fishing; despite the river being 'blown out' and running fast.

 The trail in was mostly flooded on the way in, because of all the rainfall in the month of October - November. This made for interesting walking; knee deep freezing cold water in places.

I was joined by a old friend from this city.  This was his first backpacking trip, ever.  I'm certain this adventure will never be forgotten in his mind.

backpacking quinault

Hiking Olympic Peninsula: Gear List

  This is my suggested list of gear used for hiking around the Olympic Peninsula. Variations to adventure can be cycling, hiking, fishing, mushrooming or photography.  There are a lot of variables to building the your perfect list; including season, weather forecast and/or trip goals.  Consider starting with a base list and then customize it to your needs. 

Olympic Gear list

Ten Essentials & Suggestions

  • Sun and rain protection  -  Umbrella

  • First-aid  -  Kit

  • Extra Food  - Candy bars, ect.

  • Hydration  - Filter attached to large recycled water bottle

Need something to put it all in? This is the pack I use.

Did I miss something?  Have a question about this list?  Leave questions or comments below.