Hiking Gear (Suggestions) for Olympic

This is my overnight hiking gear list of items used on a trip into the Olympic Mountain backcountry. It's important that you bring the Ten Essentials in the mountains, even if it's just for a day hike. Going on a shorter adventure? Check out my day hiking gear suggestions.

What to Bring on an Overnight Hike in Olympic National Park and Forest

The equipment items in my pack variates, depending on amount of nights I will be spending in the backcountry. I sometimes carry up to 15 days of food in the summer; without resupplying.  Again, conditions outside and the trip's purpose is also a huge variable. It is inefficient to have one set of items for everything, so I'm listing things in generally used on average. Always practice how to put your backpack together at home!

Usually the purpose of my Olympic Peninsula adventures include backcountry photography, fishing, off trail and alpine traverses, so I pack accordingly for those variables. Be sure to check out my guide on recreating on the Olympic Peninsula.

mountain camping
High overnight camping in the Olympic Mountains

(Overnight Hiking) Being Prepared for Bad Weather

The Peninsula can have very unpredictable weather; even in the summer. I always base my packing list off of a worse case scenario concept. Many times I've woke up to below freezing conditions in September; which is the annual peak in good weather. It is not uncommon for a year around threat of bad systems to move in off the Pacific Ocean. This may lead to a few inches of rain in a 24 hour period. A hiker must be prepared of this reality. Always bring rain protection when hiking! Going out in cold weather? Check out this bad weather gear list!

Overnight Hiking Olympic Mountain Gear List

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TypeGear ItemWeight (oz)
PackingSeek Outside Divide Pack47
Trash Compactor Bag2
SleepingSleeping Bag44
Klymit Pad16.3
Foam Insulation Pad5
Polycryo Ground Cloth1.6
ShelterLocus Gear Khufu Sil16.57
CP3 Pole4
Sea to Summit Mosquito Pyramid2.9
HydrationSawyer Squeeze Filter2.5
CookingBobcat Kovea Spider15
Sea to Summit Spoon0.4
Food StorageBearVault BV45033
Trail FootwearLuna Oso Sandals16
Vibram Fivefingers9.6
Injinji Nuwool Toe Socks3
ClothingRailriders Pant
Zip Shirt
Rain ProtectionFrogg Toggs Rain Gear3
Chrome Umbrella8
LightingPetzl Tikka 2 Headlamp3.1
CameraFuji X-T1 Mirrorless768
Gopro 210
Peak Design P.O.V. Mount4.7
Planning Planning Guide
Trail Guide

Camping in the Wilderness Backcountry

This checklist will alter by case-by-case basis. Example: Backpacking during a weekend, will have separate needs to a hike across the Olympic National Park. It's important that you familiarize yourself in fair conditions, so what you are prepared for what mother nature's hands you. Always check the weather forecast before heading out the door. Stay safe out there!

Looking to camp not as lightweight? Check out my traditional overnight backpacking gear list!

Updated in October 2016 by Barefoot Jake