Quinault Rainforest Photography Teaser

The Quinault river valley can be an enchanting place for photography.  Its temperate rain forest is always changing hour by hour.  A person could spend a lifetime here taking pictures.  My favorite time to wander has became during the off season.

Each season a different scene is created.  Real treasures can be found, if one does not mind getting wet.  The glacier fed river valley can receive several inches a day in precipitation (being a rainforest). So be sure to bring a hiking umbrella and protect your gear from getting wet.

Wildlife can also be found with a keen eye.  Olympic Elk, Bald Eagles and Black Bear are often seen.  Salmon of all various species can be viewed as they make there way to their spawning grounds.  Viewing all of this can be a real treat to an outdoorsman and photographer.

Lake Quinault on the Olympic Peninsula

Lake Quinault

salmon house
Alder forest at lake edge - Buy this photograph

Hobie Cat
Hobie Cat Pacific Northwest Area Championship - Details on this photo

Kayak in stormy weather - Grab this photo

Quinault River Drainage

Quinault River

Photography Quinault

Abandoned Studebaker - Purchase this photography

Quinault water

Quinault River during a record drought - More info on this photo

Main Source of the Quinault River Valley

Mount Anderson during a low snow year

What to Bring and Do in Quinault

Make sure you always bring the right hiking gear for the conditions. You never know when its gonna start raining in one of the wettest places in america. Ironically, take lots drinking of water too!

Feel free to check out the trails near the Quinault Lodge. A hiker can quickly find solitude here, especially during the winter months. I highly recommend it!

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Last updated in June 2016 by Barefoot Jake