Wildlife Viewing on the Peninsula

  Anyone who has spends time on the trail, is sure to run into some form of wildlife.  Wild animals come in all shapes and sizes; depending on the area which you're in.   I spend a lot of time solo, which drastically increases the odds of running into these beautiful creatures.  Walking with a soft stride in minimalist footwear increases your chances of seeing game.   Paying attention not to step on anything that can give you away, helps as well.

  Olympic Elk, Black Bear, Mountain Goat, Olympic Marmot and others, are hard to get pictures of sometimes.  Most of times they run off before I can frame a shot or the light is too low to photograph them.  Wild animals are most active at first light and just before sunset.  Cameras don't work the best under these lighting conditions, unless the subject is stationary.

Hope you enjoy some of my favorite captures!

Olympic Black Bears


Olympic (Roosevelt) Elk

Mountain Goats

Olympic Marmots


Cougars (Mountain Lion)

Baby Cougar Hiding

Game Tracks

Cougar Track

Cougar Track

Olympic Elk Tracks

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Updated in April 2016 by Barefoot Jake