Favorite Grand Adventures

Trail Series:

Walking through the Seasons
2013 'Walking through the Seasons'
30+ Days in the Olympic National Park
2012 '30+ Days in the ONP'

Alpine Traverse:

Bailey Range Olympic
2013 Bailey Range Traverse
Across the ONP:
across onp
2011 Solo Across the ONP
skyline primitive trail
2010 Across the ONP

Personal Accomplishments:
elwha thru hike
2012 Elwha River Walk/Bike
Mount Olympus ascent
2012 Mt. Olympus in VFF
Mount St. Helens loop
2012 Mount St. Helens & Mt. Margaret Double Loops

Snow Traverses: 
sol duc spring
2011 High Divide in Spring

Top 3 favorite campsites:
Hoh Glacier camp
2012 Bailey Range
Tyler Peak camp
2012 Tyler Peak
Dome Camp Helens
2012 Dome Camp


Grand Gulch Primitive Trail
2012 Grand Gulch
Bounder Mail Trail backpack
2013 Escalante

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