Backpack Elk Hunt Gear List (Early Season) for PNW

Backpack hunting refers to bringing all your overnight and hunting equipment in to the backcountry in a pack. Then hunt for elk for an extended period. Backcountry hunting and basic backpacking have pretty much the same camping needs, the only difference is a weapon and kill kit (to process the animal).

However, in a long backpack hunt, you aren't just out there for 1 or 2 nights and then down at the pub bragging to your friends. Generally hunters will stay in the woods a lot longer, so the tents are bigger and your clothing must be on point, to handle whatever comes your way. I have been getting a lot of questions about this on social media, so the hope is you find this helpful.

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Hunter with elk rub tree
Huge Elk Rub (Credit: Iron)

Backcountry Early Season Gear List

Sleep System


Cook Kit

Keep Stuff Dry


Worn Clothing

Glass for Animals

Carried Clothing

Kill Kit (Processing)


Hunting Gear Video

All credit Barefoot Jake 2019