2018 Backpacking Season in Olympic

I have not had time to right here the last 12 months or so, because of life's responsibilities. In fact I've been so busy, I never got out this last year longer than 3 days a time, which is rare for me, because for the last decade, I've gone on a minimum of at least one 10 day long backpacking trip every year. I did make a point within this time, to make each trip count and have them all include of trail to some extent, and avoided running into anything that resembled a group of backpackers. That is what I call proper Olympic backpacking planning!
So I thought I'd share a short visual story of these adventures in the form of cellphone pictures. Enjoy!

2018 Backpacking Photos

Off trail following elk trails. Saw the first bear of the year on this trip.
Off trail on this spring trip. Saw several bears and saw things that perhaps no one has ever seen. 
First light of the day. Enjoyed a campfire in camp the previous night watching sunset, and then the stars coming out.
Off trail in the rainforest during a pollen bloom. Enjoyed following elk trails and seeing the snowcapped remote peaks from camp. 
High Elk Camp, checking out the wildflowers. 
Elk scouting for future archery hunting grounds
3 days up in the snow. This is the view from the tent.

Remote part of the Olympics to be seen under snow

Last sunset of 2018 from my tent