Places Without (Crowds) Known Names

So often people like to go places with fancy names. Such and such loop hike, such and such lake. These popular destinations have long been overcrowded and have circum to irreversible overuse damage. I personally do not want to have a cookie cut experience, this is not why I go camping. There is a phrase that sums it up nicely, "Get out of the city, to go camp with everyone else from the city." There is a basic rules to follow to alleviate this issue.

Grab a hiking trail guidebook, and spend some time thumbing through the pages. Plan your trip to a place you have never heard of. Even go as far as saying, to your favorite search engine and Google it'. If it has not been featured on a corporate website or on some Top 10 List, than go there!

After you have checked a few hikes off your list, consider going to places not in the book. Spend the whole winter planning an Olympic adventure, to get your own unique experience. Some of the best and mosts pure places are hiding in wilderness.

I hope this is inspires you to start planning your own adventures and to not follow someone else's. A lifetime of potential opportunities!

Olympic National Park
Purest Olympic Mountains