No More (Too Much Smoke) Hiking in Summer

This was a miserable year to be hiking in the Olympic Mountains. Not only did we have a very long time period without rain, there was times that the whole peninsula (and state) was filled with wildfire smoke. I literally witness ash falling like rain in the rainforest. Just unbelievable!

I was able to get an 8 day backpacking trip inside the Olympic Mountains.  However, this was during a time period when the temperature was through the roof and smoke filled the PNW so thick, you couldn't even see a mile in front of your face. Took a vow never to do strenuous summer hikes ever again. I live here. Why should I go into the woods during that time, if I don't even enjoy it?

Bring on autumn, winter and spring!  This is when you will find me outside.

Smoke with wildflowers
Smoke Filled Olympic National Park

Article and photography by Barefoot Jake