Hexpeak (Review) 2-Person Teepee Tent

The Luxe Hexpeak is a lightweight teepee tent for camping. These tipis are designed to be used in two pieces (the rain fly and the inner tent with mosquito netting), that can be used standalone or together as a system. The tent comes in several sizes (for various sized groups of people), but we are going to take a look at the 2 person outer tent with the 1 person inner tent.  These are super customizable and unique tents because you can use the same outer tent and use either a 1 or 2 person inner tent depending on the trip you're doing. Unlike most companies that advertise 1 person tents as a 2 person tent, this is actually plenty of room for 2 people.

Disclaimer: Barefoot Jake has a direct connection with Luxe Hiking Gear. However, he uses this product and felt providing some honest feedback would be helpful.

Hexpeak Teepee
Hexpeak Teepee Camping in the Pacific Northwest

Teepee Tent Specs

  • Rain Fly: 2 Person
  • Inner Tent: 1.5 Person
  • Total Weight: 2.7 lbs
  • Weather: 3.5 Season
  • Set Up: Trekking Pole
  • Stakes: 6 count (up to 9 more in bad weather)

How I Tested the Hexpeak

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I've had a chance to take the Hexpeak out in some terribly wet weather. My teepee tent has been out for days with over a foot of rain in one camping trip. It performed perfectly in heavy rain and wind. The manufacturer suggested to use seam sealer to make it water tight, but I found that unnecessary.   I imagine that could change once the tent goes under heavy prolonged use and the stitching gets broken in at the seams.  Adding seam sealer is just taking that extra step to absolutely ensure no seams leak.
The fabric water repellency was a real surprise the first time I had it in the rain. You can see the water bead up and quickly run off the tent. This makes for a happy camper during bad weather!

Rain on Teepee Fabric
Hexpeak Teepee Tent Fabric

Flexibility Camping with the Hexpeak

The Hexpeak Teepee Tent System comes in two parts, which include the waterproof outer tent rain fly and inner tent (with a bathtub floor and no-see-um bug netting). The inner tent is available in two sizes: the 2 Person and 1 Person size. The 1 person inner tent can be set up using a single trekking pole.

I primarily use the solo inner tent, unless it is a family camping trip. This give me half of the tent for the sleeping area and the other half as a spacious vestibule for storing wet gear, hiding from weather or even cooking (with the door open). Using a 1 person inner tent, also allows me to cut down on weight and space in my backpack. The bathtub floors of the Hexpeak inner tent, prevents additional wind and rain splashing into my sleeping area. All of this makes it ideal for camping in the Pacific Northwest or anywhere with extreme conditions.

Using the 2 person Inner Tent allows me to share the tent with another person. This also gives the ability to split the weight up into two peoples backpacks. One person can carry the outer tent fly the other can carry the inner tent and stakes. Splitting the weight, gives you the option of having a huge tent to sleep in and still be lighter than most 2 person dome tents.  Also it really bothers me that most other 2 person tents are actually the size of a 1 person tent!

Teepee Packability and Set Up

The Hexpeak Teepee Tent packs down to the average size of a two person tent on the market today. However, there are some super ultralight tents that pack down smaller, but then you will be investing upwards to 400% more in cost (in most cases). It's the trade off. General rule in outdoor gear is that durability and long term performance, weighs more and costs much less.  Also is shaving a pound in my backpack worth a grand ... not to me.  For me it's not about super expensive technical jackets or tents, most of the time you're just paying for a brand name in those cases.

Teepee tents are simple to set up. Most have slightly different designs, but no matter the brand or size, they all use the same principles. Lay the outer rain fly out even and flat on the ground, add tent stakes and then the center pole (single trekking pole or aluminum pole). Once set up, small tweaks can be made, to make sure the fabric is nice and taut all the way around the tent. It is important to have the center pole height correct for the specific tent model. It is also important stakes are put out with only a few inches of cordage away from the tent body. This will ensure the structure is not lopsided or crooked.

Tipis can be set at various heights off the ground. Example: If you want the tent to be an extra 12 inches off the ground, the center pole and tent stake cord must be increased an equal distance.

Teepee Stuff Sack
Teepee tent in stuff sack

Hexpeak Teepee Tent System
Everything I need to set up the Hexpeak Teepee with Solo Inner

Trekking pole teepee tent
Setting Up Teepee Tent with Trekking Pole

Teepee line locks
Teepee tent cord, line adjusters and stakes

Hexpeak Two Person Teepee with Solo Inner Tent
Hexpeak Two Person Teepee with Solo Inner Tent

Teepee Tent Pros and Cons

The Hexpeak teepee was truly designed to handle wind and heavy rain. I tend to camp above treeline, so this makes it the perfect pairing for the Olympic Mountains. Using a tent with the rain fly that extends all the way to the ground, is key for camping in locations prone to weather exposure. It is important that wind cannot get under the lower edges of the shelter and start to lift it off the ground, this is why most tents fail in storms. The steep walls of a tipi allow for the rain to quickly run down the outside walls and away from the sleeping area. I also like that I can use my trekking pole to set up the tent, and can leave behind bulky tent poles.

However, there are some drawbacks. Not allowing for proper airflow for long periods, will cause internal condensation. I usually leave the tent door halfway open in a rainstorm to combat this issue. Also tipis do have a large area in floor space; being in the shape of a cone, so it can be annoying to have to reach way out to zip it closed.

Teepee tents have more floor space! Most 2 person backpacking tents on the market today, will actually fit inside a large Hexpeak. This is great for someone wanting more sleepable space inside their tent. However, this means that you will need a campsite with a greater amount of area, to set up a larger teepee tent.

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Article Updated by Barefoot Jake in August 2018