Luna Oso (Review) Flaco and 2.0 Sandals

Luna Oso Sandals are a hiking and running sandal with an aggressive tread manufactured here in the Pacific Northwest. They are great as a running sandal, but I will be using them primarily for walking. As soon as the mailman arrived, I took them out of the box and headed into the forest.

Hiking in the Forest with the Oso

Right away the hardcore tread catches your eye. The Oso features a custom Vibram Megagrip Outsole, that screams, "take me into the mountains!". So that is just what I did. After only a few steps, I said to myself, "oh yes".

You see, I've been looking for a mountaineering type minimalist sandal, that I could use on my adventures in the Olympic Mountains. Typically I wear sandals on and off the trail. These puppies are just what I need!

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Luna Oso 2017
Luna Oso with Vibram Megagrip Tread

Outdoor Surfaces Tested

  • Mud

  • Wet Roots and Rocks

  • Slippery Logs

  • Snow

Luna Sandals 2017
2017 Luna Sandals Oso on a trail. Wearing merino toe socks for wet conditions.

Luna Oso Laces and Footbed Function

The Oso Flaco and 2.0 sandals feature Luna's ATS 2.0 laces. These laces do a great job of keeping your feet secure on the footbed. Even on steep off-trail terrain. Luna has recently updated these laces for 2017 as well.

Own a previous Oso version (1.0)? What's new? In 2017 Luna has upgraded the stitching on the webbing that comes in between your toes which means it's super smooth and not itchy at all now- score! Also they have upgraded the adjustment buckle and added an achilles gripping pad piece. This has really increased the comfort and reduced any slipping of your feet or webbing adjustments.

Additionally, the Oso comes with an extra velcro strap you can throw on quickly and easily called the Luna Tech Strap. This is great on technical terrains or prolonged periods of downhill grades.

2017 laces
Updated 2017 Luna Sandals ATS Adjustment Buckle and updated logo stitching (helping in previous skin irritation)

2017 laces
Added for 2017 Luna Sandals ATS Adjustable Achilles Gripping Pad

Specifications for the Luna Oso Sandals- Version Flaco and 2.0

  • Thickness: 11.5mm (Flaco) - 17.5mm (2.0)

  • Pair Weight: 14.5oz (Flaco) - 16.5oz (2.0)

  • Laces: ATS 2.0 (Same)

  • Footbed: Luna MGT (Same)

  • Tread: Vibram Megagrip Outsole (Same)

Luna Oso Sandals- Flaco vs 2.0 Model Showdown

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The Luna Oso Sandal comes in two versions. The "Flaco" which just means thin in Spanish. And the 2.0 which is slightly thicker and heavier.

Luna Oso 2.0 Sandals are a great entry level hiking sandal. The extra thickness on the footbed will do a great job in protecting a tender foot against sharp objects in the ground. However, you will be carrying around more weight with each step and in your backpack. It might not be worth it especially if you are only using it as a secondary camp shoe.

Luna Oso Flaco Sandals hit the sweet spot when balancing function, ground protection and weight (barefoot feel). The thickness has worked well for me, in protecting my foot against sharp rocks and not making me feel guilty, for carrying them in my pack during overnight camping trips. Additionally, wearing a thinner sandal, usually means they are more flexible and lighter; giving that barely there naked foot feel goodness.

Currently walking or running in Luna Sandals? I genuinely believe that the stitching and webbing upgrades done in the 2017 models, justifies an upgrade. Pass the love and give your old sandals to a friend. Secondly, the Vibram Megagrip is that much more awesome on the trails. It's a win-win!

Prefer video? Check out this review on Youtube!

Article by Barefoot Jake