2016 Year in Review

It was an interesting year to go overnight backpacking in the Olympic National Park. The Olympic Peninsula is still recovering from a drought in the forest. This made for pour air quality mid-summer, caused by numerous wildfires in the Park's interior. The smoke from these fires were often visible on to the general public, on the Hurricane Ridge Webcams.

However, I was still able to juggle life's responsibilities, to get out for several overnight camping trips. My recreational time is very limited these days, so adventures must be planned weeks in advance. In this case years. Every trip must count!

Visiting remote glaciers

You see, several of my trips were off trail high routes. This hikes were researched for several years. Infact, two of them have never been publicly documented or published by an guidebook author. They will continue not to be, to preserve wilderness purity.

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off trail
Off trail to noman's land

This coming hiking season, I'm hoping to have a similar adventures, and continue to check off boxes of places to visit. What's it's beautiful about the Olympics, that it is so diverse; nothing is ever the same. Even if you visit time and time again. Amazing!

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Article and Photography by Barefoot Jake