Happy Centennial NPS (Olympic)

Happy birthday National Park Service. August 25th 2016 marks the centennial celebration for the NPS. Without this system or something like it. The Olympic Mountains would not have been preserved for future generations to enjoy, like it is today. That is something to be thankful for. You can read more about the celebration here.

Olympic National Park
Hiking in Olympic National Park

What Does Olympic National Park Mean to Me?

For me it's about going back in time to what was. The area is preserved to near what it once was a century ago. I find it fascinating to explore. As an adventurer and photographer this provides endless opportunity. But things have shifted for myself.

As I explore more very remote country, my infatuation has evolved. I know am intrigued by learning how the Olympic Mountains have touched so many other people and what it means to them. Their stories have brought a whole new perspective into my passion. This area has touched so many past generations, and will continue to reach so many future ones.

What About the Future?

I personally would love to see more stewardship education taught to the current and future generation. Its very important that we have very minimal impact on our land, to preserve it for years to come. We must find a way to lessen the strain of heavy use areas, so that the land is not permanently scarred from the heavy foot traffic of man.

Secondly, I would like to see the trail system restored to what it once was when this area was designated wilderness. Lets bring back the trails that the Olympic National Park abandoned, to lessen the impact on the ones being overrun by heavy numbers.

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Article by Barefoot Jake