(Review) Bedrock Cairn Sandals

The Bedrock Cairn Sandals are minimalist footwear designed for the active lifestyle. These sandals feature military grade webbing (straps) and an exclusive Vibram sole. I found the Cairn's great for hiking in the Olympic Mountains. They really did a awesome job at protecting my feet from sharp rocks and cradling them while on steep terrain.

Disclaimer: Bedrock provided these sandals for no charge, in exchange for an honest review.

Bedrock Cairn
Bedrock Cairn Sandals

Using these Sandals in the Backcountry

I found my pair of Cairn's to be Olympic Mountain approved. Wearing them across rock, mud, snow and river crossings while hiking, gave me a really good idea on their performance.

Strapping: Kept my feet 100% secure. I experienced no adjustment slipping whatsoever.

Footbed: Feet didn't slip while dirty, wet or dry. Awesome!

Tread: Bomber on all terrains. However, I did find them a bit slimy on smooth wet surfaces (ice and river rock).

Sole and Laces
Sandals feature an aggressive Vibram sole and tread lugs. The strapping have three points of adjustment to keep your foot secure. Once two of the points are set, you can just forget them. After that point, I velcro is used to take the sandal off and on at the heel (The ladder lock buckle is best used for taking your foot in-and-out, according to the manufacture).

Specs on the Cairn Sandals

Thickness: 14mm

Weight (size 11): 16 ounces

Sole Tread: Vibram (Mountain Approved Lugs)

Cairn Sandals off trail in the Olympic Mountains

Overall Thoughts

When I initially picked up my pair of Cairn Sandals, I was disappointed by the weight. Unfortunately, that is the price you pay for durability and longevity of every kind of outdoor gear, it is going to be a bit heavier. Bedrock built these sandals for strength!

I predict the Cairn Sandals will be a top seller for Bedrock. Not that they are the most minimalist pair of footwear available, but that they fit the part of what outdoor minded people need- look and performance wise. They hit the nail on the head for their niche market. Not only do they perform, but they just look tough! I'm excited for the future of the team at Bedrock.

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Article by Barefoot Jake