Monsters (Pokemon) in the Rain Forest

Hikers beware on your next walk in the Quinault Rain Forest. There are Pokemon (pocket monsters) lurking around every old growth tree. Please be advised to enter the forest at your own risk! The Olympic Mountains are swarming with these mystical creatures. Ok, ok, but seriously!

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a phone app (game), that uses your smartphones GPS to capture, battle and collect little cartoon like creatures. This gameplay is made possible by combining a virtual mapping system (using GPS) and your phone's camera, and boy it's a real battery drainer. Be sure to pack an external battery pack for charging.{affiliate link}

This game has a secondary purpose to encourage players to walk to play. Tho ment for city play, you can find Pokemon on select trails; if you are in a location with cell service.

Pokemon in the Quinault Rain Forest

Possible items to collect in the rain forest

Where Did I Find Pokemon?

I found these monsters on the Olympic Peninsula, on a trail called Quinault Rain Forest Nature Trail #855 inside the Olympic National Forest. It's a beautiful hike, so bring your kids and enjoy the adventure! Need help? Check out information on the National Forest.

What About in Olympic National Park?

Pokemon have also been spotted in rare locations inside the Park boundaries with cell service. Make sure you treat these monsters like any other wild animal and do not approach them!

Olympic National Park
Trails in Olympic National Park

Remember: Always bring the 10 Essintials when you head outdoors and this is a perfect time to teach your family Leave No Trace Principles.

Article updated in July 2016 by Barefoot Jake