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Maintaining the trails regularly in the Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest is very important. Without this maintenance a hike simply would not be possible with minimal effort. Want to learn more? Simply just leave the trail for 50 feet and you will soon learn how important these vital systems are!

A good portions of the foot paths on the peninsula are located in dense rainforest valleys. This means it does not take long for them to get overgrown by brush and littered with windfall (tree blowdowns). Hundreds of hours of manpower is necessary and is needed to keep the Olympic Mountains preserved for the next generation.

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Hiker wanders through overgrown trail in Olympic National Park

Do your part too! You can help maintain trails too! Next time you walk by small debris in the trail, drag it off. Small bush sticking into the path? Break it! You would be surprised on how much of a difference that makes.

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Being government agencies, they are required to document and sometimes respond to your comments.

Full List of Abandoned Trails

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