(TV Show) "Alone" Survival Gear List

The survivor reality series Alone is a television show on History Channel. The episodes feature 10 individuals that attempt to outlast each other for a cash prize. Each male or female is isolated from each other and all human contact. It's rather like watching a trainwreck!

Survival Gear Used on the Show

The participants are allowed to chose from a pre-established master gear list. This list is similar to the 10 essentials used for hiking, but a lot more cumbersom for dramatic affect and foriging for food. Taking the minimalist approach would definitely be beneficial to the individual, in my opinion. Carrying a heavy backpack off-trail through the brush, is not fun, I know this to be fact.

Alone in the Olympic Mountains

Weather and Landscape Similar to the Olympic Peninsula

The show was shot on Vancouver Island, British Columbia on an indian reservation. The land is inside the Quatsino Territory, making filming and creating this kind of show legal. Lots of rain and weather similar to the Pacific Northwest.

The landscape is similar to the northern parts of the Washington Coast. Inlets and coves much like the rugged Olympic Coast here on the peninsula. However, it would be illegal to shoot this show and hunt off the land inside Olympic National Park, because the area is a protected wilderness area.

My 10 Survival Gear Choices

Here are items I would use being on the show. I would try and stick to the minimalist approach whenever possible. Sleeping warm and keeping fed is the key to my success in the woods.

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Article by Barefoot Jake.

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