Abandoned Trails of Olympic: Litchy Creek

The abandoned Litchy Creek Trail starts near the Graves Creek Campground. The old trail runs in the Quinault river drainage and has been abandoned for a few decades. There has not been maintance on it since before I've been alive. You can find this route on very old USGS maps.

We found signs of old cross cut logs. These trees have multiple inches of moss on them and are well rotted through, it appears they were cut before the Park was established.

Our journey lead us through some steep and brushy forest. It seems, a few years back a windstorm swept dozens of old growth trees down. This lead to thick undergrowth and lots of down wood to navigate. The whole trip was a good workout tho! This kind of country, made you really respect the Olympic Elk.

Lichy Creek
In the jungles of Quinault

Don't attempt this route, unless you have route finding skills and love excessive torture.

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*image credit Ryan O.