GG Backpack Hipbelt Upgrade

The Mariposa and Gorilla backpacks are two of GG best selling models. They are high volume, and work great for almost any kind of adventure! These packs are available with removable hipbelt and aluminum stay (frame).

 The purpose of having a frame in a backpack, is to provide rigidity and load transfer. However, to truly provide maximum comfort when carrying weight above the super light range, the frame must transfer the heavy weight into the hips. This is where their redesigned hipbelt for 2016 comes in.

They overhauled and tweaked their hipbelt system, until they found a simple solution to carrying heavy loads more comfortably. There has been stiffeners added to the construction and with the added stay coupler, you can now attach the stay (frame), directly into the hipbelt system. Here is how!

Note: This upgrade can be done to any 2012 or newer Mariposa and Gorilla.

2016 GG Hipbelt

3 Internal Frame Backpack Examples

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What You Will Need

Guide to Upgrading a Mariposa or Gorilla Backpacks

Step 1: Keep the Aluminum Stay in Pack
Open the velcro tab which holds the stay in places and retract frame a few inches. Take note how and where the frame runs through the pack. We will call these stay runners.

Step 2: Find the Seam just above Hipbelt Velcro
This is where you will be making cuts to your pack body (see disclosure below).

Step 3: Make Very Small Horizontal Incisions
These cuts will be made just above the seam, inline with the stay runners.

Step 4: Push the Aluminum Stay Out of Both New Holes
Gently slide the frame out of both new holes only an inch or so.

Step 5: Attach Upgraded Hipbelt System
Add new hipbelt to pack body and gently guide the aluminum stay from pack body, into the stay coupler on your new belt. Aline with velcro attachment and push firmly. Close velcro tab inside your pack, creating a solid bond from hipbelt to backpack!

Congratulations! You Now Have an Internal Frame Backpack!

Disclosure: Barefoot Jake is not responsible for an damage that you may do to your backpack throughout this process. He received a free hipbelt for testing and payment for this article.