Olympic Black Bear Feeds On Elk

The Olympic Black Bear is mostly an omnivorous animal, feeding on mainly grass in the spring. Other months the bear's diet may be berries, insect and spawned salmon. It is very common to see them in the Olympic alpine in the summer months feeding on huckleberries, or down in the river valley when the snow is deep, digging on logs in the forest. They are also scavengers.

Rarely hikers get to witness other kinds of feedings. Walking up on any predator when there is a kill in the forest, is a serious risk for that person's health. Be sure to stay a safe distance from any wildlife that you come across in wilderness.

Backpacking in Olympic? Be sure to check the regulations for the area you will be hiking into for the night. That area may require you to have a bear canister to store food and scented items.

Video: Olympic Black Bear Feed on Dead Elk

Credit: Sir-Hikes-a-Lot