2015 Year in Review in Olympic

It was an interesting year on the Olympic Peninsula. There was a lot of things I photographed, that have never been capture before in the mountains here. I'm lucky to be able to witness them with my own two eyes.

Record low snowpack in the earlier months of 2015, lead to snow-free alpine hiking. I was able to be above 5,000' this last winter; without any skies or snowshoes. That is a first for me.

Then later in the summer months, a record drought in the Olympic Mountains lead to a never before documented wildfire that burn most of the year. This lead to very pour air quality, for most of the people living here.

Moving towards winter again, we received record setting rainfall, with many rivers leading to flood stage quickly; because there was no snowpack to hold the water in the mountains. I heard several stories of hikers getting trapped behind creek crossing, that had turned into flash flood torrents, because of this very reason.

Consider checking out my Olympic photograph album. There is lots of great photos in there from this hiking season.

Winter: Record Low Snowpack

mount anderson
Mount Anderson under record drought

Early Spring Hiking

The Queets Rain Forest in Spring

Buckhorn Wilderness in Spring

alpine lake
An alpine lake in spring

Summer Hiking in Wildfire Smoke

smoke hiking
Photographing Glacier Melt

abandoned camp
Abandoned Trail Hiking

A Very Dry Autumn

dry alpine
Olympic Mountains - dry as a desert

Backpacking in Autumn

A Wet Winter

Record rains lead to flooding

Graves Creek Road damage
Quinault's Graves Creek Road provides access to Enchanted Valley(pictured) and Hot Springs Road of the Elwha Valley - both suffer major damage this winter; limiting access to the Olympic National Park

I hope you enjoyed hiking along. Please consider viewing all my 2015 Olympic Mountain hiking photos and giving your favorites a +1 - it really helps me out. See you out there!

Wrote by Barefoot Jake in December 2015