Olympic Peninsula Drought is Over

The record setting drought is officially over on the Olympic Peninsula.  It was a long, hot and dry summer here in the rain forest.  I'm so relieved that precipitation is back and here to stay. No wildfire known to man could survive the amount of rain we've had the last few weeks.

The North Shore of Quinault got over 9 inches of rain the last 24 hours, and its still falling.  Mother nature has returned the rain forest back to its natural state.  I feel pleased to see it and find the sound of rain so relaxing.

I've been keeping my eye on the Hurricane Ridge Webcam and noticed snow falling randomly in the last couple of weeks. This is a sign of the season to come. Look forward to seeing my first snow flakes in the upcoming weeks ahead.

I'll share with you a few photos I took on my wonderings, during the late autumn months here on the peninsula.

The creek runs swift

Rain forest during a heavy rain

Lake Quinault rises multiple feet overnight

I will update this timeline as more photos come in this autumn and winter.

Wrote by Barefoot Jake in July 2017