Dodging Mountain Goats in Olympic

We had a 4 day window for a backpacking trip into the Olympic Mountains.  The weather was dry and most the snow has melted.  Why not get an early season hike in the books?

Lets hangout with wildlife!  This trip we would be camping with the Olympic Marmots, deer and mountain goats that live in this area.  We viewed numerous baby animals, since it is now late spring on the peninsula.

This was training hike, for longer period trips we have planned in the coming weeks.  Mountains have a funny way of getting you in-shape.  We would also use this adventure to test some new camera equipment in the backcountry.

The Gorilla backpack fully loaded!

Upper Royal Basin
Upper Royal Basin in spring, during a low snow year

Camping in the backcountry

Evening falls

Climbing the next morning - Gossamer Gear backpacks worn by all hikers

After dinner high in the basin

Olympic Mountain photographer

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Wrote and photographed by Barefoot Jake 2015