Finding Wilderness in Yourself

I find myself looking for what is pure wilderness, as the years go by in my life.  Each individual has their own translation of what being away from civilization means to them.  For me, that is finding areas that have no sign of man, no established campsites, no dedicated lines on a wilderness map.  Walking only using game trails and seeing the peninsula how others did years before it was settled.

I yearn for this, as the backcountry gets more crowded with reservations and accessibility.  It all has its place, but that is not why I go into the mountains.  I want to see animals, not other people.

Dreaming of a peninsula before logging and Highway 101 prospered.  Taking the bus around the Olympic Mountains, one cant help but notice all the distraction of any land not protected by the Olympic National Park.

Find it in yourselves. What does wilderness mean to you?

hoh rain forest
Wilderness Forest - bring this photo home

River Camp
Morning view from camp

Clean water is life

I find its important for us to find a balance between accessibility, conservation and protection. Everyone should have a chance to experience the healing powers of wilderness in their lives, but should they be educated before entering? I ask myself this after seeing the growing amount of garbage left in the backcountry. The Park Service has a nice educational video on Leave No Trace Ethics.

Updated by Barefoot Jake in February 2016