Review: Railriders Hydro-Zip-T

I wore Railriders Hydro-Zip-T while backpacking in the Olympic Mountains.  Long term tested in all conditions; including pacific northwest rain, snow, sun and bugs.  It came in most handy as a town shirt or something I could change into before hitch hiking back to town after a long hike; when my primary shirt had heavy odor.

Railriders Hydro Review
Railriders in the rainforest

Railriders Hydro
Railriders Hydro-Zip-T

Specs (medium)
- Weight: 6.7 ounces
- Zipper: 11 inches
- Fabric: 100% polyester

Railriders shirt

rainforest shirt
Old-growth Forest

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Overall I've been really happy with the Railriders Hydro Zip T. It has held up though all my punishment. I will continue to wear it during most of my upcoming hiking trips.

Disclaimer: I received this shirt for the purpose of a review.