Traditional (Heavy) Backpacking Outdoor Gear

I have not always been a lightweight backpacker.  It took many years to transition to the gear I use today.  My one week long hiking trips would often start out with 70 pounds on my back.  This would be hell on my body; day after day.  I would often arrive into camp, too exhausted to even do evening chores.

This was all caused, from listening to people who were trying to sell me a product, over hikers that actually used these items.  That is the biggest variable when making gear choices.  One should not listen to a salesman, but an outdoorsman.

One day I decided to take a stand and start shaving ounces off of anything I could.  Before that, for educational purposes, I will share what I carried in my backpack on average.  You can find most these items at your local outdoor gear shop. Always make sure you carry the 10 essentials.

Keep in mind that there are many types of camping trips, with an assortment of goals.  Example:  Someone who is going to move camp every day, is going to bring different items, over a hiker just going a few miles.

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Packing for a 7 day backpacking trip

winter backpacking

Traditional Hiking Gear for Overnight Camping

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Foundation (Big Three)

Sleeping Pad



Snow Aid

Food Storage


Looking to carry less stuff? Check out my lightweight backpacking gear list!

Last updated by Barefoot Jake in March 2017

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