Hike to Mount Anderson, Olympic Mountains

Mount Anderson is a three day backpacking trip for most.  This mountain is the tenth highest peak in the Olympic Mountains.  It has four glaciers - the Eel, Anderson, Hanging and Linsley.  Most of which are receded to the point of almost extinction.

The Linsley and Anderson glaciers feed the Quinault river, which drains into the Pacific Ocean.  The Eel and Hanging glacier melt into the Dosewallips drainage - finally ending its journey in the Hood Canal.

The mountain is commonly accessible to hikers, from one of two trailheads; which are the Dosewallips and Graves Creek.  Both are over a 15 mile hike into the Park interior.  For this hike I will be walk from the Quinault side (Graves Creek Trailhead).

A 14 mile walk through gorgeous old-growth rain forest with camping gear to our basecamp; seen on the Olympic Camp Map.  From that campsite, we day hiked up the mountain and back as a day adventure. We returned to the original trailhead, on day three of this walk.

Winter campsite at the Chalet - after a 20 degree night

anderson pass trail
Anderson Pass Trail

anderson pass trail
Melted Anderson Glacier (very low snow year)

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