Bobcat Kovea Spider System by Flat Cat Gear

The Flat Cat Gear Bobcat Kovea backpacking stove is a system for the used to boil water or cook real food in the woods.  This stove has a handful of parts, but is simple to set up in the backcountry.  I found it to be very efficient during my four season testing in the very wet Pacific Northwest.

This system can be used with esbit, alcohol or canister as a fuel source.  I purchased it for the convince use with a fuel canister.  Bad winter weather or traveling with a partner, its nice just to flip a switch.   I was surprised how efficient it was in the long term.

My stove system was used on a ten day walk across Olympic National Park this last summer. We had two hot meals a day and still had plenty of fuel left at the end of the trip.

Disclaimer: Barefoot Jake paid for this stove with his own money. He was under no obligation to write this review. This post does contain ads in the form of affiliate links.

Bobcat Kovea Stove Review
Kovea Spider Canister Stove - striker - Bobcat floor and windscreen - Evernew 1.3 liter titanium pot

Flat Cat Gear Bobcat Kovea
Flat Cat Gear Kovea Cooking System - backcountry use in the Olympic Mountains

Camping Stove Specs

- Bobcat System: 15 ounces

- Just Kovea Spider: 6 ounces

- Just Evernew 1.3 Liter Pot: 4.6 ounces

- Canister Fuel Tested: 8 ounces

- Total: 23 ounces carried weight

Flat Cat Gear Stove
Collapsible windscreen and floor - the foldable Kovea Spider also fits inside pot, but canister does not.

After my Testing

Suggest the Flat Cat Gear Kovea Cooking System to any hiker looking for efficiency, without compromising convenience. I like the fact that you can store almost everything in the pot and cook real food. This was my solution for backpacking trips with a partner. Hikers can split the parts to save weight. The only downfall I found is carrying the large 1.3 liter pot; since it takes up volume inside a backpack. I will continue to use this stove system, when type of trip and conditions apply.

Updated by Barefoot Jake in January 2016