Syncline Trail Canyonlands Loop Hike

  Winter hiking the Syncline Trail in Canyonlands National Park.  This is a loop hike that leads to  near the bottom of the canyon near the Upheavel Dome.  Walking this 'trail' is not easy.  The National Park Service has classified it as 'strenuous'.

  The route lets you descend over 1,000'+ of elevation.  A hiker finds themselves even doing some light bouldering on sections of trail.  There is seasonal water at the bottom of the canyon; near the Crater Spur Trail intersection.  

  This ones one of my favorite loop day hikes of all time to date and that is saying a lot.  

Warning:  Not suggested for hikers with the fear of heights or scrambling skills.  Path may be very icy in winter.  Call ranger station for weather updates.  

Syncline Trail
Syncline Loop Trail

Syncline Trail Map
Syncline Loop Trail Map from the NPS

Hiking Canyonlands

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Ice playground

Syncline Trail
Boulder Field

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Altra Running shoes in Canyonlands

Hike Canyonlands
Trail out

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View on the way out

Canyonlands photography
Winter sunset

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