Hiking the Lake Shore Trail in Quinault

The Lake Shore Trail is part of the local Quinault National Recreational Trail System inside the Olympic National Forest.  This hiking path is used by hikers and tourist that visit from all over the world.  It's primary use is foot traffic between the Willaby Campground and Lake Quinault Lodge; by visitors looking to avoid road walking.

This one mile trail is a lovely way to see the lake and get a glimpse into the Olympic Mountains on a clear day.  Often Bald Eagles and King Fishers can also be seen with some luck.

It is my suggestion to connect your walk into the Rain Forest Nature Loop, for a perfect way to experience the area.   There old growth trees, ferns and variety of other things can be experienced. You can walk this whole thing by bus from the city if your felt.

hiking quinault
Trail starts near Falls Creek Campground

quinault lake shore

hiking trail
The trail


Keep in mind: After heavy rains in the autumn and winter. The lake levels rise to the point; where the trail floods and drift wood liters the route.

lake quinault
Winter is the perfect time to find solitude. 

Check out my Hiking Gear List before hitting the trail. Take care.

Updated in August 2015 by Barefoot Jake