Enchanted Valley Chalet on Blocks

  The Enchanted Valley Chalet was at risk of falling into the East Fork Quinault River.  A move was necessary to save the historic building from a migrating river channel.  The unpredictable flow of water compromising the foundation of this structure.

  So in the summer of 2014, the powers that be moved the building to a temporary home and prolonged the life of the chalet.

Conditions of the trip:  Rain, freezing fog and lots of wet.

Move chalet

pyrites creek bridge
Demise of the new Pyrites Creek Bridge

temp foundation

moved enchanted valley chalet

chalet foundation

camping enchanted valley
Cold and wet night

morning enchanted valley

Quinault River
East Fork Quinault River

Quinault Chalet

Quinault Elk

More about the Enchanted Valley Chalet

Update from a trip during February 2015 The Chalet foundation is now in the East Fork Quinault River. West and south facing concrete fell into the river; caused by undercutting. Total basework still intact roughly two thirds. This is a big change in the last 2 months.

Chalet foundation

Enchanted Valley Chalet


Updated by Barefoot Jake in August 2015