Hiking in Bedrock Sandals Gabbro

Hiking review of the Bedrock Sandals Gabbro 2.0.  Field tested around the Olympic Peninsula in muddy autumn conditions.  I've been a fan of Bedrock Sandals so I was excited to try out their new Gabbro 2.0 model.

Bedrock Sandals Gabbro Review

The Bedrock Ballistic footbed does a consistent job of holding your foot in place in wet, muddy, or dry conditions.  The previous models of Bedrock sandals had 6-8mm thick soles.  This new Gabbro 2.0 model has an added .4mm thick textured footbed for added skin to sandal grip.  The footbed is reinforced with stitching to prevent peeling.

gabbro review

The new Granite Grip straps feature recycled rubber that stays flush on your foot.  The largest improvement I noticed was for the heel strap-- the new rubber prevents heel slippage (very nice!).  The new webbing is also wider (5/8") which I like because it makes my foot feel more secure.  The webbing fits more snugly inside the buckle now and I can tell over time will not slip as much as previous versions; less adjustments needed now!

bedrock sandals

-Weight for a size 9 is 4.4 OZ per sandal (varies with size)
-Thickness is 10mm
-Recycled rubber grips

bedrock sandals strap

I plan on continuing using these sandals for the 2014-2015 hiking season as well as for casual/urban wear.  I suggest these for hikers that are looking for a superior choice in minimalist footwear OR a backpacker looking for a "camp shoe". Give the Bedrock Gabbro a try!

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Last updated in August 2015 by Barefoot Jake

Disclaimer: Bedrock Sandals provided this footwear for review.