Olympic Peninsula Gear for a Day Hike

  Check out my suggested list of gear used for hiking around the Olympic Peninsula. Variations to adventure can be cycling, hiking, fishing, mushrooming or photography.  There are a lot of variables to building the your perfect list; including season, weather forecast and/or trip goals.  Consider starting with a base list and then customize it to your needs. This is awesome hiking gear for your next adventure in the rainy pacific northwest.

day hiking

Ten Essentials & Suggestions

  • Sun and rain protection  -  Umbrella

  • First-aid  -  Kit

  • Extra Food  - Candy bars, ect.

  • Hydration  - Filter attached to large recycled water bottle

Be sure to chose a daypack that is simple, has side water bottle pockets and comfortable shoulder straps. Most importantly, get out there and have fun!

Last updated in March 2017 by Barefoot Jake