Air Beam Sleeping Pad (Free Product)

The Air Beam Inflatable Mattress (3/4 length) is the perfect solution for lightweight backpacking.  Giving the ability to shave a few ounces off your back; without giving up a comfortable night's sleep.  This is especially nice for trips where you could be faced with sleeping on various terrain types.  It has helped me sleep soundly on everything from razor-sharp scree to river gravel bars in the Olympic Mountains.

air beam sleeper review

Closely placed baffles provide lots of even support-- hiding any lumps and bumps you might be sleeping on.  It provides lots of cushion for your head and upper body and tapers down in thickness and width towards your knees.  This allows you to sleep with a posture that feels very natural even with the shortened sleeping pad length.

Gossamer Gear Air Beam Sleeper

Top 3 Trips Used:
- Barefoot Jake version on the Sally Jewell Hike

ultralight sleeping pad

- Weight (3/4 regular length): 9.2 ounces
- 7 baffles
- Tapers in thickness and width from head to waist
- Stuff sack and repair kit included (not shown)
- I'm 5'11" and the length goes past the knees

- Pair it with the Gossamer Gear Thinlight Insulation Pad (1/8" thickness) for puncture protection and insulation.

Gossamer Gear sleeping pad

I will continue to use this Gossamer Gear Air Beam lightweight sleeping pad for the 2015 season in the Olympic Mountains.  It is the most practical and comfortable option I have found to date.  I am able to keep the weight out of my pack without giving up comfort.

Updated by Barefoot Jake in August 2015

Disclaimer: Pad was provided for a review.