Backpacking Blog Award

  The Liebster Award is a sort of a blogger chain letter questioner going around on the web right now.  Don't usually do these sort of things, but I thought, 'hey, why not?!'

  I have been tagged by my friends Chad & Liz, so will answer both of their questions in this post.

hiker award

Ladies first!

Liz's Questions:

What’s your favorite trail/route/place that no one is hiking?  Definitely Queets Basin in the ONP.  There is no easy way to get there.  One must cross a few glacier or navigate up a few mile long snow bridge to access this favorite place.

Is there a trail angel who sticks out in your mind?  No, but I do want to thank each person who has picked me up while hitchhiking to and from a trailhead.

Are there any hiking foods that you’re just plain tired of eating?  I have an equal hate for Mountain House and Cliff Bars; probably because I over-ate them, before knowing better.

Have you ever had to quit a long trail/route/adventure?  Yes, usually based on dramatic weather change.  The Olympic Mountains can be a dangerous place to be when weather takes a turn for the worse.  I don't like to be pinned in a shelter while solo hiking.

If someone were to call you an “inspiration,” who would you want that person to be?  My hiking friend Greg T.  I hope to be still hiking the Olympic Mountains him for years to come.

What do you think the relationship is between hiking and blogging?  There rarely is one.  People hike, people blog, but rarely both.  Blogging eats up a zillion hours of time, so does hiking.  Most give up on blogging and continue hiking with their time.

Gear companies, sponsorship's, and long distance hikers. Discuss.  No comment, too ugly.  Just kidding!  I think this was a more popular thing before social media.  I feel the future is in hikers that are fully plugged into some aspect of technology; such as Instagram, Youtube, ect.  This is essentially great marketing for smaller companies.  That hiker can reach a much broader audience than just hiking on a specific trail.  The world is watching!  Wanting just free gear?  Remember, nothing in life is free.

Which would you rather startle while hiking—grizzly bear, mama+baby black bear, mountain lion, alligator, rattlesnake, or moose?  Mountain Lion, this would mean I'm pretty damn sneaky if I could sneak up on a big cat.

What’s the song that always gets stuck in your head when you’re hiking, and you really wish it would go away, but sometimes you kind of like it, and you secretly bought a copy on iTunes when you got home?  None.  I do sing Taylor Swift whenever bushwhacking the Olympic backcountry.

Queets Basin
Our camp in Queets Basin; below the Humes Glacier - by Greg T. 

Chad's Questions:

What made you get into backpacking?  My father and my equal obsession with the BSA Manual when I was a youngin'

What other outdoor activities do you participate in?  Sometimes Golf.

What is the longest distance you have backpacked?  Without resupply?  Between 80 - 90 miles.

What is the longest amount of time you have spent outdoors?  10 days in a tent - 12 days in an RV (if that even counts).

What is the most interesting backpacking trip you have been on?  Always refer to the Bailey Range Traverse

Where was your last backpacking trip?  In the Olympic Mountains, go figure?! 

How much was your pack weight on that trip?  Never weigh my pack anymore.  Each trip has different gear needs; based on type of trip and conditions.  Some where between 20-30 lbs net; with snow camping kit and 3 camera's equipment. 

What is your favorite (alcoholic) beverage on the trail?  Two Beers Brewing.  In a can and high octane. 

What is your favorite meal/snack on the trail?  Snickers

What is one piece of gear that you never leave without?  A camera

What was the worst piece of gear that you have ever used?  2 lighters I purchased at a outdoor establishment I will not name.  Both of them fell apart in my hands while trying to use; with very minimal use.  Fire is important while trying to eat a hot meal. 

winter campfire
Winter camping in very cold conditions in Olympic

 I tag 11 bloggers:
  1. Dave
  2. Damien
  3. Jay
  4. Jhaura
(4 is all you get - most bloggers I follow; dont anymore)

Here are those bloggers questions:
  1. Why do you backpack?
  2. Ever thought about giving up your day job to go look for Sasquatch?
  3. How many hours a week do you spend on technology?
  4. Why do you think that outdoor blogs are so popular?
  5. Whats your biggest outdoor fear?
  6. Where is your dream trip located?
  7. Who is your hiking inspiration?
  8. Rain, high wind or snow.  What are you most comfortable in? 
  9. Favorite campsite?
  10. Worse night sleep in the backcountry?  Describe.
  11. Most embarrassing moment in the outdoors? 

I will post the reply question in links below once they come in.
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