(Review) Locus Gear Khafra Sil

  Testing the Locus Gear Khafra in the Queets Rainforest.  I wanted to try the Khafra for some time now in the Olympic Mountains.  Locus Gear sets itself apart from the other cottage companies with their attention to detail and craftsmanship.  I was very excited to take it out for a few nights in the Olympic National Park during spring conditions.

  I like to go out in four season weather, so need with a large shelter for these specific conditions.  Wanting to be ability to have a ton of headroom to act as a storm buffer.  Spending hours pinned down in a storm has led to a bit of claustrophobia in a smaller shelter during winter.  This upgrade has not really given my backpack a weight or space penitently.  The amount of livable space has almost tripped.  To me, that makes the extra weight worth it in bad weather.

  I will also be using the Khafra for family type trips.  The extra space and will be appreciated by my backpacking partner I'm sure.  Look forward to taking it out on more adventures; when they demand a large shelter.

Locus Gear Khafra Specs (USA)

  • Width: 110 inches (9.18 feet)
  • Length: 110 inches (9.18 feet)
  • Height: 66.9 inches (5.5 feet)
  • Weight: 27.1 ounces (1.69 lbs)
  • Conditions Rating: 4 seasons
  • Hardware: Pole and Stakes not included

Locus Gear Khafra
Locus Gear Khafra at the old Andrews Homestead - Queets Rainforest

Locus Gear Khafra Review
A peek inside the Khafra - I'm 5' 11" for reference


- Weight:  27 oz with stuff sack (no pole or stakes)
- Height:  5.57'
- Size:  110" x 110" - Fit 2 my sized hikers with full gear in bad weather.  3 person family in fair weather.  4 hikers in a pinch.
- Weather:  4 Season
- Cost:  36800 Japanese Yen = $360 USD
- Concern:  Finding a large campsite can be challenging for a shelter with a large footprint; especially in the Olympic Mountain alpine.  The Khafra can be pitched in 'half mid' configuration to combat this issue. 
- Likes:  The 'packed volume' to size of pitched shelter ratio is quite impressive.  Won't have a problem finding space for this large pyramid in my backpack.

Khafra Sil
YKK AuaGuard Zipper with no Rain Flap - This is the way to go - Double zip for easy access and ventilation control

Khafra Sil
8 stake points required for a crisp pitch

Locus Gear Review
Double vents up top; with bug protection

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Overall I've been really happy with my Khafra. Even packed in along on many solo adventures, just for the extra space and storm protection. A few months back, I paired it with the Sea to Summit 2 person bug net and that has been working out real nice for me.

Updated by Barefoot Jake in March 2016

Disclaimer:  Barefoot Jake purchased this shelter with his own funds.