Snow Camping in the Southwest Olympics

  A friend and I had some new gear to try for the 2014 hiking season, so we took them into the Olympic Mountains for a good testing.  The Olympic Mountains are one of the best places to test backpacking gear, it can be sunny skies one minute and start snowing the next; even in the summer months at elevation.  So we packed up our kit and headed off into a remote side of the Olympic Peninsula.

  Our route would us to a base camp in a less known lake and then spend 2 days peak bagging into nearby high points of this very rugged landscape.  It always a surprise to me how steep the terrain is on this side of the Olympic Mountains, but leaves a lover of Olympic Peninsula coming back for more torture.  

  The weather blocked our views during our first climb, but broke free the next morning; allowing for beautiful views during our next.  This side of the mountains is rarely photographed from the south.  Giving us a very remote peak into the Olympic National Park interior.  

  We had a 4 legged friend on this adventure in the Olympic National Forest; where dogs are allowed

  Come along on this adventure through photography and video. 

olympic lake
Olympic Mountain lake in spring

Olympic wildflowers
Avalanche Lilies

hike olympic mountains
Weather turns in the Olympic Mountains

gossamer gear mariposa
Up in the rocks

gossamer gear
Relaxing in the sun

locus gear khufu
Morning views; as the sun hits my shelter

hike olympic mountains
Second ascent to get a view

dog mountaineering
Mountain Guide Dog

O'neal Peak
White Mountain, O'neal Peak, Mount Duckabush and Steel (left to right)

Mount Olympus
Mount Olympus peeks over the Skyline Primitive Trial

fire creek
Fire Creek drainage and Muncaster Mountain

Mount Christie
Mount Christie

Mount Meany
Mount Meany & Seattle peeks over Mount Lawson

The Valhallas
The Valhallas

Video from this Adventure 

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Updated by Barefoot Jake in July 2015