Urban Hiking in Olympia, Washington

  A walk in downtown Olympia, Wa on a hot spring day.  Being on foot is a perfect way to see all the things that the city has to offer.  Connecting popular scenic areas on foot.  I would use the public transportation system to set this day adventure up to be sort of a urban thru-hike.  Come along on this adventure.

hike olympia, wa
Urban Hiking Olympia, Washington 

olympia adventure
State Capital 
mountains from olympia
The Brothers and Mount Constance from Olympia, Wa
Downtown Olympia
Downtown Olympia, Wa
Mount rainier from Olympia
Mount Rainier

Overall is was a fun adventure taking the bus from the Olympic Peninsula, to the state capital of Washington State. I often use this same route, if I need to get to the big city or the airport. Urban hiking is a fun way to get exercise as well!

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