Injinji NuWool Toe Socks (Review)

 I purchased a pair of Injinji Outdoor Original Weight Nuwool Toesocks online.  With the intent of using these socks in very wet conditions, in conjunction with my minimalist hiking sandals. I will use merino as a protective barrier from skin irritation.  Perviously, I have had issues with the laces being abrasive against my skin; while soft under heavy saturation.  

Wearing Injinji Toe Socks with Sandals

  I found this a solution to the foot sliding on the footbed under the conditions of heavy rain and snow travel.  Having a sloppy foot, is common issue to wearing sandals through a wet environment, is compromised traction from the skin to points of contact on the footwear.  This is especially noticeable in mud.  The Injinji Nuwool Toesocks solves this problem.

  Durability is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about wearing a sock in the outdoors.  I experienced a issue with the sock getting a hole, but not where I expected.  A pencil eraser size hole showed up on the mid foot strike point on the foot.  Made no sense to me.  A barefoot sock without a reinforced forefoot pad?  This is the natural point of contact with a proper stride.  Why would this area be the first to fail?

Update: I've also tested the Lightweight, Original and the Midweight hits the sweet spot.

Injinji Nuwool Toesock Review
Injinji Nuwool Toesock - Outdoor - Original Weight - Micro Length

Socks Luna Sandals
Trail tested in an Olympic Mountain rainforest

Injinji Toe Socks Specs

  • Paid:  $14

  • Trail Weight:  1.7 oz per pair for size medium

  • Material:  65% Coolmax - 30% NuWool - 5% Lycra

  • Feel:  Found this sock to allow all natural range of motion to be maintained

  • Fit:  I found this sock to fit perfect on my 10.5 size high arch feet

  • Buy again?  Yes, but would upgrade to the Midweight option for a test

Luna sandals snow sock
Minimalist Mountaineering on spring Olympic Mountain snow

Give Injinji Nuwool Toesock {affiliate link} a try!  I've had really nice results with these socks in very wet and cold conditions; living in the Pacific Northwest. I have since purchased many more pairs, to replace the ones I wear through.

Hiking in winter? Learn how to keep your feet warm in the snow!

Disclaimer:  I purchased with my own money.  This is my honest opinion of this product.  

Last updated in March 2017 by Barefoot Jake