Day Hike Royal Basin in Snow

  Royal Basin is a beautiful place to visit year around.  Hiking to Upper Royal Basin while it is still snow-covered is a great way to beat the crowds.  There are numerous mountains and peaks to be viewed in the upper basin.  Sometimes so close its like living in a giant snow globe.  The views in this basin keeps a hiker coming back for more each season. The walk is great training for a large backpacking trip on the Peninsula.

  There is significant risk of avalanche in a few areas along this route, but with proper skills and training one can access these risks in real time.  The upper basin is no exception to this rule.  I once watch rocks fall off Mount Deception the size of a household refrigerator.  What was more chilling, the fact I was just standing in its path.  Keep in mind this risk while traveling in this area early season.

  This trip is best done as a 3 day backpacking trip to truly enjoy the Olympic Mountains.

  Come along on a journey told with photography and video of our day hike into Upper Royal Basin.

Royal Lake
Royal Lake. 

snow filled meadow
Royal Basin day hike - 18 miles round trip. 

Upper Royal Basin snow
Entering Upper Royal Basin. 

Mount Deception snow
Mount Deception. 

Martin Peak
Martin Peak.

Mount Clark
Mount Clark. 

Royal Basin Panoramic
Looking down into Royal Basin. 

Ultralight Royal Basin
VFF day hike in Upper Royal Basin. 

Olympic Marmot
Olympic Marmot in Royal Basin. 

My short video:


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