(Review) Hipster Hiking Fanny Pack

The Hipster is a fanny pack that fits around your waist.  The Hipster is the perfect option for a minimalist in the city or on the trail.  I picked up this pack for use while urban hiking.  Often not wearing pants with extra pockets, the Hipster is a wonderful solution on bringing a basic items on your adventure.

  The Hipster can also be used on the trail for a hiker that uses or does not use a backpack with a hip belt.  It has minimal capacity to carry a point-and shoot-camera and snacks.  I see it as a option for a fisherman or backcountry day hiker that likes to set up a base-camp and go on a micro adventure for the day.

  Let's take a look at this little multi-use pack.

hipster review
The Hipster with my urban kit

gossamer gear review
Gossamer Gear Hipster weight


- Weight:  1.53 oz (one size fits all)
- Sizing:  Adjustable up to 45" waist
- Capacity:  .7 liter
- Use:  Hip, Satchel, Chest & into chest strap of backpack (mod required)  

Gossamer Gear Hipster
Hipster used as a satchel - Note:  Zipper rain guard 
Basic urban kit in the pacific northwest - Note: Glove hook for keys in the internal compartment

Give the Gossamer Gear Hipster a try. It has served me well on and off the trail, it has become my personal wallet. I used the Hipster everyday since getting it.

Updated on February 2016 by Barefoot Jake

Disclaimer: The Hipster was provided for this review.