Review: Ultralight FireFly Stove

  Lets take a look at the Firefly Wood Stove.  This stove is small, but it packs a powerful punch.  You can fit it in your pocket, because the Firefly stores flat.  Setup is 'simple as pie' to start cooking.  Slide 4 walls together and you are ready to go.

  I am a fan of wood because how it leave you smelling in the backcountry.  Nothing says sexy like clothing smelling like a campfire.  Wood also opens up a lot more options for cooking in the backcountry.  The user can actually make real food, not just using the stove to boil water.

  Wood is a fun fuel source when used responsibly.  Always check with local regulations and fire dangers before using a open flame stove.    

FireFly Ultralight Titanium Wood Stove
FireFly Ultralight Titanium Collapsible Wood Stove - using Evernew 900ml Pot

Ultralight Titanium Wood Stove
Burning long tender through FlexPort on the FireFly Wood Stove - using Evernew 600ml Pot

FireFly Stove Specs

-  Weight:  2.8 oz with FlexPort

-  Lighting:  Found this very simple and efficient.  I was surprised on how easy it was to achieve fire. 

-  Assembly:  Slide the tails together to form the firebox.  Insert the grate through the top to complete.  Now you're ready to burn.

-  Mess:  Burning wood can lead to soot.  Extra hygiene can prevent blackening gear, clothing and you.

-  Options:  FlexPort & Pot Supports (supports needed for some small pots)

-  FlexPort:  Hinges open on one wall (shown above).  Found that opening the door makes the stove less burn efficient.  This may be beneficial for baking or cooking real food. 

-  Storage:  5" x 3.5" when stacked with grate.

4 walls & 1 grate; shown without pot stand.  5" x 3.5" storage when stacked together.

 The FireFly Ultralight Titanium Collapsible Wood Stove is a powerful little guy to have in your stove line up. I will continue to use when space is an issue.

Last updated in July 2015 by Barefoot Jake