Bedrock Sandals Syncline Review

  The Bedrock Sandals Syncline are the newest thing to protect your feet on the trail. These sandals are not a new product in the world of minimalist footwear, but the featured two piece toe-corded strap option is. The Syncline also feature a seamless feel lacing system. This sandal set a whole new standard in the ultralight footwear category.

Bedrock Sandals
Ultralight hiking with the Bedrock Sandals Syncline with Corded Toe-Strap option

Bedrock Sandals Syncline Review
Straight out of the packaging - great presentation and attention to detail
Ultralight minimalist trail footwear


-  Weight:  9.32 oz for my size 10.5 foot.  
-  Protection:  8mm Vibram Sole
-  Sole:  Great traction on slippery rock and mud.
-  Ground Feel:  Even balance between hiding sharp objects & feeling the earth.
-  Range of Motion:  Maintains the natural movement of the foot.
-  Adjustment:  Minimal Buckle does a wonderful job of not having your fit slip out of place.
-  Laces:  This is where the Syncline sets itself apart.  Seamless and very comfortable.  Heal strap does not slip.
-  Corded Toe-Strap:  Soft and abrasive free.
-  Fit:  The minimal lace design does a great job of holding the foot in place in all try trail types and grades.

Bedrock Sandals Syncline
Corded Toe-Strap, ultralight laces with protected seams, minimal buckle that does not slip and grippy elasticized heal strap.  

Update: This exact version is no longer on the market.
  The Bedrock Sandals Syncline with Toe-Strap raise the bar in the world of minimalist footwear.  I have never been excited about a new piece of gear in a long time.  Attention to detail and quality of materials used; well thought out.  
  As a lightweight hiker you can use these as ultimate camp footwear; after a long day in hiking boots.  Secondary footwear would be a great use as well; for those not interested in hiking minimally.  How great would it be with blisters on your feet caused by trail shoes, to put on a feather-light and durable option?!

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