Backpacking Queets Rain Forest

  The Queets Valley holds a special place in each and ever individual that visits this area.  It is truly one of the most remote places left in this country.  Everything is bigger in the Queets; from wildlife to trees.  The river itself is fed by the countless rainfall it gets each year; well as the Humes, Jeffers and Queets Glaciers.

  I would be accompanied by a friend during a big chunk of this adventure.  He would be joining on the backpacking portion and then part ways after a few days in the back country.

  The solo section of my travels would lead to the Lake Quinault area on local public transportation.  I would spend additional time in Quinault enjoying the touristy side of visiting a rainforest.  Its quite the contrast coming from barely seeing a soul, to people all over the place enjoying popular day hiking areas.

Few hours of off trail bushwhacking in the Queets drainage.  Very wet conditions. Glad to had prepared for bad weather.

Backpack Queets
Backpacking the Queets Trial

Gossamer Gear Mariposa
Field testing the Gossamer Gear Mariposa in the remote Queets Rainforest

Locus Gear Khafra
Locus Gear Khafra & Golite Shangri La 3 in the Queets 

Off trail in the Queets Rainforest

queets river
The Olympic Mountains call from the Queets River

Kloochman Rock
Kloochman Rock

Evening light in the Queets Valley

Enjoying the evening

queets river
Evening before the next storm

olympic off trial
The next day - Queets Rainforest off trail during a storm

Lake Quinault Lodge
Lake Quinault Lodge in-between spring showers

Lake Quinault
An evening with Lake Quinault

Waiting to go home at the bus stop

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