Trekking (Quinault) Enchanted Valley Trail

  A friend sent me an invitation to overnight hike the East Fork Quinault Trail, Olympic National Park.  This hike would be within a three day period.  A walk in the Olympic Mountains is the most perfect way to pass the time, so of course I said yes.  I promptly emailed him back with my reply.

How to Hike to Enchanted Valley

We started the hike at the Graves Creek Trailhead inside Olympic National Park. From there, we walked 14 miles up the East Fork Quinault Trail. Some hikers break the trek up into several days, but a strong hiker can reach the Chalet in one day. Don't forget, the National Park Service now requires all overnight hikers to use bear canisters, while camping at the Chalet.

During spring melt and/or the wet season months, the Pyrites Creek crossing may be hazardous. High water from the mountains often destroys the foot bridge, so plan on there not being one when you get to that point of the trip. Fording rapids when the creek is raging is often impossible and could kill you. Want to learn more? Your trail guides to the Olympic Mountains.

East Fork Quinault Trail
Walking the East Fork Quinault Trail

Weather Conditions in Olympic National Park

  The nasty weather forecast gave us a glimpse of continuations to come.  Everything seems to be on a grand scale around the Olympic Peninsula, spring rains being no exception.  We experienced a record setting storm.  5.5 inches of rain fell between the 72 hour period we were in the Quinault Rainforest.  Perfect for testing your survival skills and my new pair of merino wool socks.  

  Hypothermia can set in very fast when you are cold and wet.  Our hiking umbrellas were key pieces of gear in these conditions.  Keeping us dry from the knees, down. 
The primary objective for most hikers, is seeing the old Chalet, but for us it was just about testing ourselves against nature.

Enchanted Valley Trail Map. Also see the Olympic National Park Campsite Map

Quinault tree
Big tree
black bear
Black Bear in trail
rain umbrella
Enjoying the view under an hiking umbrella
quinault river

quinault river
Nearing the source of the Quinault River
anderson pass trail
White Creek crossing
Anderson Pass trail
Making our way towards Anderson Pass
O'neal pass trail
Fresh avalanche debris across route
mountain sandals
Mountain footwear of choice, with wool toe socks {affiliate link}
David Wherry
David Wherry & I in the Quinault Rainforest
Enchanted Valley trail
Enchanted Valley bridge
east fork quinault trail
East Fork Quinault Trail in Spring
enchanted valley trailhead
All finished with the hike - thanks for the invite Dave

Enchanted Valley Hike Video

Headed into the backcountry? Hiking gear for Olympic National Park!

Updated by Barefoot Jake in March 2017