Weekend on the Bogachiel Trail

It was a fun three day backpacking trip up the Bogachiel Valley. In spring there is not many place one can hike in the Olympic Mountains snow free. Often that leaves a hiker to stay down into the rain forest valleys, to stay in shape for the upcoming alpine hiking season. We choose gravel bar campsites to stay out of the wet forest floor; which were located off trail. This would also give us views of the stars at night and the relaxing sounds of the river. I generally prefer staying on the river, over inside the forest; during most weather conditions.

Off trail on the Bogachiel River

snake olympic

sun halo
Sun Halo

Myself on the Bogachiel River
Firefly wood stove
Ultralight stove testing
black bear scrape
Olympic Black Bear leave their marks
Gossamer Gear Q-Twinn
Gossamer Gear Q-Twinn Tarp
Bogachiel Trail

Short video from trip:

Photos and video shot with Samsung NX1000

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