Review: Princeton Tec Fuel Headlamp

  The Princeton Tec Fuel Headlamp has been my go-to source of light for the last four hiking seasons.  Illuminating the trail for countless miles of night adventure.  This tool has allowed me to see around camp as well, ensuring I didn't trip over a log during a mid-sleep bathroom break. I used this torch in 4 season conditions.  Doing everything from night hiking, trail running and making camp behind schedule.  There is no way of counting how many hours this headlamp has been used, but we will just say heavily. No complaints on the battery life during my adventures.

  I originally received this piece of gear as a birthday gift from a friend.  He would be pleased to hear how much use it got.  Many adventures in its lifetime, before going into retirement.  Now that's a gift that keeps on giving!

  I had to pull this device out of my gear line up because of the serious problems it has been having.  Had to put two new battery doors on this headlamp, because they kept breaking.  Now the on-off button is having major problems; making it impossible to shut the headlamp off.

Princeton Tec Fuel Review
Princeton Tec Fuel with Broken Door & on-off Button

-  Bulb type:  4 LED's
-  Weight:  2.88 oz with batteries
-  Max Light Output:  70 lumens
-  Brightness Levels:  3; one of which is strobe
-  Wear type:  Headband
-  Battery Door:  Keeps breaking - needs a 3rd to bring back to life
-  Button:  Shorted out - need take out batteries to shut the device off

Princeton Tec Fuel Headlamp had a long and happy life.  This might lead to a question, that applies to all outdoor tools.  How many hours of use should a piece of gear have?  For me, a tool should never fail on you in the backcountry; since that is where the user rely on it the most.  It really sucks when it happens mid-trip and you're hours away from home.  That's what you are paying for when you invest in name brand items. Reliability, right?

I replaced this headlamp.

Updated by Barefoot Jake in July 2015

Disclaimer:  I received this headlamp as a gift and was under no obligation for this review.