Review: Peak Design POV Kit

  I wanted to try the P.O.V. Kit in the Olympic Mountains, after first seeing the mount on their website last year.  This piece of equipment would replace my 7.2 oz GoPro Chesty Mount, which I have been using for years to shoot video and action photography.  I would pair this with the Capture Pro Capture Clip; mounting right to my backpack shoulder strap.  Lets take a look at my thoughts of this handy tool.

peak design
Field testing in an Olympic Rainforest

Peak Design review
Peak Design CapturePRO & P.O.V. Mounts

-  CapturePRO Clip 3.54 oz + P.O.V. Kit 1.21 oz = 4.75 oz
-  Very convenient to shoot video and photography.  Your body becomes the tripod.
-  Mounts to almost any pack.  Peak Design provides a spacer piece of material for thin shoulder straps.
-  Red button easily releases mount from clip (see above)
-  There is some unwanted vibration I pick up while walking; caused from a lose fit between the locking mechanism and P.O.V. mount plate.
-  Having an extra object pressing against your shoulder took some getting use-to; especially with heavier loads.  I experienced some discomfort, but not enough to stop using the product.
-  Taking off pack to sit it on the ground.  One must be careful not have the camera lens fall on dirt and rocks.

Video Test Clip:

Who would I suggest using Peak Design CapturePRO w/ P.O.V. Mount Kit?  A hiker who is tired of carrying a tripod.  The ability to capture more wildlife shots, since the camera is always ready to go.  This mount also is a valuable option for someone using a small Point & Shoot type cameras; making it like a P.O.V.  Own this mount?  Post your thoughts in the comments below.

Updated in July 2015 by Barefoot Jake

Disclaimer:  Provided this kit to be tested for this review at no cost.