Luna Sandals Oso (1.0 Review) Thoughts

  The Luna Sandal Oso could very well be the answer to a long day on the trail.  I wanted to try this pair of footwear for its unique tread design and new lace options.  After receiving them, I put them through some quality testing in the Olympic Mountains.

2017 Update: In spring Luna will launch Oso Flaco and 2.0 Sandals (updated models).

Tested Surfaces While Hiking

  • Mud

  • Roots and Rocks

  • On and off Trail

Luna Sandals Oso
Hiking in the Olympic Mountains with the Luna Sandals Oso, with Merino Wool Socks for extreme wet conditions.  

Specs of Oso Sandals (1.0)

  • Weight: 14.6 oz per pair - men's size 10.5

  • Thickness:  11mm

  • Ground Feel:  Hides all sharp objects

  • Flex:  Moderate

  • MGT Footbed:  Great as always

  • Grip: Excellent.  A little slick on smooth/slimy surfaces.  Grips mud and rough surfaces well.

  • Tech Strap:    The answer to rough terrains.  

  • ATS:  Tested with the latest version of Trail Lace and Luna Plug.  (see photo description)

Luna Sandals tread
I found the tread good in all terrain types tested; besides for being a little slick on smooth wet surfaces.  Appreciate how Luna pre ground the nose of the sole; this prevents extra catching on objects.  Pattern holds a bit of dirt, you can see how there is still rainforest debris in tread.  Found them not to clog however. 

Luna Sandals Lace
Improved Luna Trail lace.  The previous elasticized lace was for convenience, this version is for purpose.  Found them to hold my feet very secure to the footbed.  A considerable advantage on uphill grades.  The sewn in grip; aids in the prevention of the lace falling off your heels. 

Sandal plug
New Luna Plug  

Final Thoughts on the Oso (1.0)

I recommend the Luna Sandals Oso for those who are doing a lot of miles, on hard or sharp surfaces. They do a great job of hiding the feel of the ground. However, you do have to account for a weight penalty, for that extra protection.

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Updated in August 2016 by Barefoot Jake

Disclaimer: Footwear was paid with by own funds. Article contains affiliate links.